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... 149 Study Committee Biographical Information James Winebrake (Chair) is Professor and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
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... 150 EVALUATION OF TRUCK SIZE AND WEIGHT REGULATIONS is the past President of the American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE's) Transportation and Development Institute Board of Governors and is the Editor­in­Chief of the International Journal of Pavement Engineering.
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... STUDY COMMITTEE BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION 151 Douglas W Harwood is a Program Director at the Transportation Research Center at MRIGlobal, a not­for­profit research institute located in Kansas City, Missouri.
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... 152 EVALUATION OF TRUCK SIZE AND WEIGHT REGULATIONS Transportation Champion of Change Award, the 1996 Milton Pikarsky Memorial Award, and the 2001 National Science Foundation's CAREER Award. He received a BSC from the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Do­ mingo in 1982, an MSC from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1984, and a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin.
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... STUDY COMMITTEE BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION 153 for 28 years, and his work involved the application of control theory and systems engineering to automobiles and the field of transportation. He worked on automotive electronic systems issues as well as infrastructure issues such as automated highways, automated transportation systems, and intelligent transportation systems.

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