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... 22 produced its SMS Manual and implementation plan. The representatives reported, however, that the SMS Manual and implementation plan, and the sponsor's liability or standard of care under those documents, have not been presented or used in the case thus far.
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... 23 could eventually translate into litigation against the sponsor, most expressed the same sentiment as above -- that the state's government immunity statute would most likely protect the sponsor from liability. In addition, these interview participants indicated that they received these types of requests regardless of the status of SMS implementation.
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... 24 Outside of mandatory reporting, other sponsors reported positive results from informally or formally building a culture of hazard reporting. Sponsors with SMS working groups that included airline and other tenant representatives reported that they preferred this approach to mandating reporting because they felt it built a positive culture and in turn resulted in more reports with better information included in those reports.
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... 25 which both individual participants attributed in part to the implementation of SMS.146 That sponsor reported that since SMS implementation, the airport has experienced fewer incidents and the insurance company sees the organization as a lower risk enterprise, resulting in lower rates. This sponsor also pointed to mandating compliance under the sponsor's rules and regulations, which the insurance company viewed favorably.

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