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Appendix K: Acronyms
Pages 321-324

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From page 321...
... K Acronyms 3D three dimensional ANS American Nuclear Society APS American Physical Society ARC affordable, robust, compact ASDEX-U Axially Symmetric Divertor Experiment Upgrade BSCCO bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide CANDU Canada Deuterium Uranium CD current drive DEMO Demonstration Power Plant DOE U.S. Department of Energy DONES DEMO-Oriented Neutron Source ECCD electron cyclotron current drive ECFS Early Career Fusion Scientists ELM edge localized mode EP energetic particle EU European Union FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act 321
From page 322...
... S . B u r n i n g P l as m a R e s e a r c h FES Office of Fusion Energy Sciences FESAC Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee FNSF Fusion Nuclear Science Facility FRC field-reversed configuration FTE full-time equivalent FY fiscal year GDC General Dynamics Convair Division HEPAP High Energy Physics Advisory Panel HSX Helically Symmetric Experiment HTS High Temperature Superconductor IFMIF International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility INL Idaho National Laboratory IRP ITER Research Plan ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITPA International Tokamak Physics Activity JET Joint European Torus LCTF Large Coil Test Facility LH lower hybrid LHD Large Helical Device LM liquid metal LTS low-temperature superconducting MFE magnetic fusion energy MHD magnetohydrodynamic NB neutral beam NSTX National Spherical Torus Experiment NTM neoclassical tearing mode ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory P5 Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel PMI plasma-material interaction PSI Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute R&D research and development
From page 323...
... Appendix K 323 REBCO rare-earth barium copper oxides RF radio frequency SAS Small-Angle Slot STAR Safety and Tritium Applied Research TBM Test Blanket Module TEC transformative enabling capabilities TFTR Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor UCLA University of California, Los Angeles UFA University Fusion Association ULTS Updated Long-Term Schedule VLT Virtual Laboratory for Technology W7-X Wendelstein 7-X WDM whole device modeling

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