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Executive Summary
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... This report of the Committee on a Strategic Plan for U.S. Burning Plasma Research describes a strategic plan for fusion research to guide implementation of the committee's two main recommendations: • First, the United States should remain an ITER partner as the most cost effective way to gain experience with a burning plasma at the scale of a power plant.
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... Although the United States provides only part of the cost of ITER, if the United States is to profit from its share of the ITER investment, the nation's strategic plan for fusion should combine its ITER experience with the additional science and engineering research needed to realize reliable and economical fusion electricity. Without this additional research, the United States risks being overtaken as other nations advance the science and technology required to deliver a new and impor tant source of energy.
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... Although the funding remains level, the research portfolio evolves over time, and existing research facilities are phased out as new ones are implemented. The committee was also tasked to recommend strategic guidance if the United States decides to withdraw from the ITER project.

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