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10 A Pathway Forward for Equity
Pages 79-82

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From page 79...
... She cautioned against the universal adoption of evidence-based treatments that were not developed with consideration of populations suffering the most inequalities. Finally, she said embracing culture can help those who have experienced trauma move forward by teaching accurate accounts of history, telling authentic stories of survival, and allowing communities to have their own trauma narrative in their words.
From page 80...
... Providing interventions in primary care can help provide tools and skills for parents to foster their child's behavioral health well-being, like learning emotional self-regulation. Joyce Sebian ended the day with considerations from the session on securing equity through restorative practices.
From page 81...
... A PATHWAY FORWARD 81 schools and juvenile justice settings, restorative practices can also play a role in strengthening a family. Sebian concluded that restorative practices are creating opportunities that had not previously been imagined, which is particularly powerful for children and families that have greater challenges to overcome in life.

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