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... issued parallel requests to the National Academies and the European Science Foundation (ESF) , respectively, to undertake a study to determine the planetary protection classification of robotic sample return missions to the martian moons.
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... • The effect of meteoroid impacts following deposition of martian material on the surface of Phobos and Deimos has a minimal sterilizing effect due to the low flux of impactors. However, the fragmentation of ejecta due to the effects of thermal fatigue could significantly enhance the rate at which any organic matter present is degraded by exposure to the radiation.
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... Recommendation: After considering the body of work conducted by the SterLim and JAXA teams, the effect of desiccation on the surfaces of the martian moons, and the relative flux of meteorite- to spacecraft-mediated transfer to Earth, the committee recommends that samples returned from the martian moons be designated unrestricted Earth return. The third item in the committee's statement of task was as follows (see Preface)
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... mission can be drawn from this study and the work of the JAXA and SterLim teams? The main differences between MSR and Phobos/Deimos sample return missions are as follows: • MSR sampling sites will be specifically selected to maximize sampling of evidence of extinct or extant life, whereas materials deposited on the martian moons originates from randomly distributed crater impact sites.
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... (See Task 6 in Chapter 3.) Recommendation: The committee recommends that the SterLim and JAXA teams formally pub lish the details of and results from their studies or make them readily available in some publicly accessible form.

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