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... 132 This project expanded the current spectrum of understanding with respect to dedicating lanes to CAVs, but unknowns remain that will require further research to understand how different applications impact managed lane facilities. This chapter suggests specific research directions that may need to be undertaken in the near future.
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... Future Research Directions 133 A few studies, such as eco-approach and departure, glidepath, and eco-speed control, have focused on low-speed arterial facilities with various intersection control types (Hao et al. 2015, Altan et al.
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... 134 Dedicating Lanes for Priority or Exclusive Use by Connected and Automated Vehicles Meanwhile, the industry is moving fast to achieve higher levels of automation. A more nearterm application of AVs, called "automated highway driving," is a combination of ACC and lane centering for use on freeways (SAE International 2016b)

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