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... 135 This report documents the research conducted under Task 8 of NCHRP Project 20-102, which aims to assess the impacts CAVs on state and local transportation agencies. The project aimed at developing guidance on identifying and describing conditions amenable to dedicating lanes for CAV users.
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... 136 Dedicating Lanes for Priority or Exclusive Use by Connected and Automated Vehicles suitable modeling techniques for use in this project. The applications were selected based on three factors: • Suitability to DLs, • Suitability to the CAV/AV environment, and • Adaptability to simulation models.
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... Conclusions 137 • For higher levels of market penetration of CACC: – Under exclusive DL conditions, moderate to significant mobility and energy/environmental benefits to DL users may result, and slight to moderate benefits to GPL users. • For lower levels of market penetration of DSH: – Under shared DL conditions, slight safety benefits may result for both DL and GPL users; and – Under exclusive DL conditions, slight safety benefits may result for DL users, and significant safety benefits may result for GPL users at the expense of GPL users' mobility performance.

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