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... 138 Abbreviations Abbreviation Description AADT Annual Average Daily Traffic ACC Adaptive Cruise Control ADS Automated Driving System AFV Alternative Fuel Vehicle AMS Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation API Application Programming Interface ATDM Active Transportation and Demand Management AV Automated Vehicle BOS Bus on Shoulder BSM Basic Safety Message CACC Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control CalSTA California State Transportation Agency CAMP Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership CAV Connected and Automated Vehicle COM Component Object Model CV Connected Vehicle DDT Dynamic Driving Task DL Dedicated Lane DLL Dynamic Linked Libraries DLV Dedicated Lane Vehicle DMA Dynamic Mobility Application DSH Dynamic Speed Harmonization DSRC Dedicated Short-Range Communication EDM External Driver Model E-IDM Enhanced Intelligent Driver Model ESH Eco-Speed Harmonization ETL Express Toll Lane
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... Abbreviations 139 Abbreviation Description FAST Flexible Agent-Based Simulator of Traffic FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards GEH Geoffrey E Havers Statistic GKT Gas-Kinetic Traffic GPL General Purpose Lane GPV General Purpose Lane Vehicle HIA Here-I-Am HOT High Occupancy Toll HOV High Occupancy Vehicle I2V Infrastructure-to-Vehicle IDM Intelligent Driver Model MIXIC MICroscopic Model for Simulation of Intelligent Cruise Control MOVES Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator MP Market Penetration MPR Market Penetration Rate ODD Operational Design Domain PeMS Performance Measurement System (Caltrans)

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