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... 5 Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) are quickly expanding in the automobile and transportation industry and are expected to become a major share of the market in the next decade.
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... 6 Dedicating Lanes for Priority or Exclusive Use by Connected and Automated Vehicles • Apply the approach proposed in Task 2 to the specific sites identified in Task 3 to investigate the impacts and challenges of dedicating lanes to CAV users; • Investigate existing laws and regulations that govern or constrain agencies in dedicating lanes to CAV users; and • Develop specific guidance on identifying and describing amenable or challenging conditions to dedicating lanes to CAV users, to be included in the final research report. Figure 1.1 also presents a basic workflow, showing the relationships among the different tasks associated with the project 1.2 Background Connected vehicles (CVs)
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... Introduction 7 alerts, and advisories that can mitigate danger in certain situations. For example, a driver in a vehicle nearing an intersection could receive notifications of another car that is about to run a red light.
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... 8 Dedicating Lanes for Priority or Exclusive Use by Connected and Automated Vehicles Requests to intervene are notifications by the automated driving system (ADS) to fallbackready users that they should promptly perform the DDT fallback.
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... Introduction 9 • Chapter 2: Categories of Benefits and Disbenefits to Stakeholders. This chapter summarizes the literature review and identifies the types of stakeholders benefited (or disbenefited)

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