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... 89 Automated passenger counter An electronic device available for installation on transit vehicles, including buses and rail vehicles, which accurately records boarding and alighting data. Automated vehicle location A means for automatically determining and transmitting the geographic location of a vehicle.
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... 90 Microtransit or General Public Demand–Response Transit Services: State of the Practice General public demand–response transit service An advanced, user-oriented form of public transport characterized by flexible routing and scheduling of small or medium vehicles operating in shared-ride mode between pickup and drop-off locations according to passengers' needs and the transit agency's ability to provide. It is any nonfixed route service of transporting individuals that requires advance scheduling by the customer, including services provided by public entities or others on behalf of public entities.
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... Glossary 91 Software as a service A software licensing and delivery model, in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted, sometimes referred to as "on-demand software." Time point A public transit stop that a vehicle tries to reach at a scheduled time. These stops are in contrast to all other stops on a scheduled route for which the transit agency does not explicitly schedule an arrival or departure time.

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