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... 47 Setting Project Goals The international aviation community has agreed to ambitious emissions reduction goals. According to the International Air Transport Association's 2017 Annual Report, the industry has set near- and long-term goals to accomplish the following: (1)
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... 48 Guidebook for Developing a Comprehensive Renewable Resources Strategy reflect industry goals and community goals. Engagement of local and state stakeholders can help shape reasonable goals for the airport and support the process of selecting and planning various renewable resource projects.
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... Renewable Resources Goals and Metrics 49 strategy can highlight best practices for evaluating the airport's renewable resource projects, both existing and planned, but different renewable resource types may require specific evaluation methods and timelines for success. For example, though potential solar PV project savings should be calculated before construction begins, they should also be tracked over the life of the system.
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... 50 Guidebook for Developing a Comprehensive Renewable Resources Strategy Energy Productivity Energy productivity = Revenue ($US) / Total energy consumption (GJ)
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... Renewable Resources Goals and Metrics 51 Renewable Resources Purchasing Score Renewable resources purchasing score = Total expenses ($US) / Total purchases of renewable resources.

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