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Appendix A: Statement of Task
Pages 73-74

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... , and to provide input for a potential, longer-term National Academies' activity that will address similar issues as they relate to all MIIs. The workshop will bring together stakeholders and other interested parties and experts to: • Consider the business models used to stand up and operate, on a long-term basis, the eight existing DoD MIIs and the degree to which these MIIs have contributed to DoD goals; • Evaluate lessons learned in developing and implementing the public-private partnerships adopted in those MIIs and what changes may be needed for their long-term sustainability in contributing to DoD goals; • Evaluate the potential values and costs that would accrue to DoD from further long-term engagement with the MIIs under various scenarios and funding structures; • Discuss similar public-private partnerships developed in other countries; and • Identify topics that could be addressed in a follow-on consensus study that would be designed to conduct a national review of all MIIs being operated 73
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... and to develop advice for addressing their long-term sustainability and the productive engage ment by the agencies with them. The output of this suggested fast track workshop will be a workshop proceed ings prepared by a designated rapporteur.

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