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... 3 Project Background and Objectives Section 15 of the National Mass Transportation Act of 1974 required the Urban Mass Transportation Administration (UMTA) to develop a National Urban Transportation Reporting System.
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... 4 Transit Service Evaluation Standards Technical Approach The approach to this synthesis report included the following elements: 1. A literature review -- a search of the Transportation Research Information Database (TRID)
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... Introduction 5 Figure 2. Map of FTA regions.
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... 6 Transit Service Evaluation Standards Organization of This Report Following this introductory chapter, Chapter 2 summarizes the findings of the literature review. Chapter 3 presents the results of the survey.
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... Introduction 7 Chapter 5 summarizes the findings, presents conclusions from this synthesis project, and suggests areas of future study. Findings from the surveys and, particularly, the case examples provide an appraisal of the current state of the art.

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