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... 67 ADA Americans with Disabilities Act AFC automated fare collection APC automatic passenger counter AVL automatic vehicle location BRT bus rapid transit CCRTA Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority CEM combined evaluation model DEA data envelopment analysis DOT Department of Transportation FPTA Florida Public Transit Association FTA Federal Transit Administration GIS geographic information system GPS Global Positioning System GTFS Google Transit Feed Specification ICTPA International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association IPEM Irvine Performance Evaluation Method ISBN International Standard Book Number ITS intelligent transportation system KCM King County Metro KPIs key performance indicators MAX Modesto Area Express MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority NTD National Transit Database PMO performance management office RTAP Rural Transit Assistance Program RTD Regional Transportation District RTTF Regional Transit Task Force SBS select bus service SE-DEA super efficiency data envelopment analysis SES socioeconomic status SORTA Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority TCQSM Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual TCRP Transit Cooperative Research Program TRB Transportation Research Board TRID Transportation Research Information Database TTDC Tidewater Transportation District Commission UMTA Urban Mass Transportation Administration Acronyms

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