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... was making insufficient use of the intellectual capital of university-based social scientists, as well as a desire to revitalize the role of social science research in informing understanding of the "social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces that shape regions of the world of strategic importance to the U.S." within DoD and the broader national security community (Minerva Research Initiative, n.d.)
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... Grantees reported that the program has had a positive impact on the amount of dialogue between DoD and the social science community, the number of social science researchers with an interest in research relevant to national security, and the amount of collaboration among researchers working on topics relevant to national security. We note that the committee's statement of task included an assessment of Minerva's quality and impact.
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... In recent years, the Minerva program has also experienced challenges associated with staff turnover. Successfully implementing the recommendations offered in this report will depend on ensuring stable staffing of the Minerva program office.
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... RECOMMENDATION 5.3: The Minerva program office should develop mechanisms for facilitating interaction between grantees and potential users of their research or expertise in the broader national security community.
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... Considering the program's original vision and continuing goals, the committee's recommendations highlight areas in which the Minerva program office needs to focus its efforts to strengthen the program's foundations and take advantage of opportunities for broadening its reach and usefulness going forward.

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