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9 Recommendations
Pages 115-118

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From page 115...
... First, fund the entire long-term infrastructure improvements totaling approximately $700 million over a specific time period (e.g., 5 years) so that a comprehensive plan can be undertaken to support the ongoing research activities and begin preparation and support for any future Master Plan improvements.
From page 116...
... Recommendation 6.2: NIH should establish a formal external interdisciplinary peer review panel to provide ongoing review of NIH capital assets, the annual project plan, the 5-year plan, the master plan, and the integrated research strategic plan and master plan, including enhancing interactions and collaboration among Intramural Research Program research personnel and partners. Recommendation 6.3: NIH should establish processes and a system that ensure third-party, expert peer review of all adopted Office of Research Facilities preplanning programs of requirements and total project capital cost models.
From page 117...
... There should be broad participation in the workshop, including by principal investigators, junior faculty, and research laboratory staff; capital and operating budget staff; information technology leaders; capital planning staff; campus infrastructure operations staff and maintenance leaders; and representatives from other federal agencies and academic research institutions. REVISE GOVERNANCE Recommendation 7.2: NIH should implement a capital facilities planning governance structure, functionally similar to that utilized by other scientific agencies noted in this report, aimed at facilitating an integrated, transparent, and inclusive capital asset planning decision making process.

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