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Appendix J: Glossary
Pages 161-163

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From page 161...
... institutional building, site, and infrastructure facilities needs integrated within the fabric of a campus and aligned with the institution's strategic vision -- all to ensure effective management of capital assets. The plan serves as one of several tools used to inform capital budget development processes and assist annual institutional capital investment prioritization.3 Capital improvement -- A change or an addition to an asset that improves its performance or appearance or extends its useful life.
From page 162...
... Historic structures and inherited facilities (with zero acquisition costs) pose unique problems for estimating replacement costs.5 Facility Capital Planning and Management Program -- A continuous systematic approach to identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and maintaining the specific maintenance, repair, renewal, and replacement requirements for all facility assets to provide valid documentation, reporting mechanisms, and capital cost information in a detailed database of facility issues.
From page 163...
... It excludes common or shared space that cannot be reasonably assigned for program purposes such as main egress corridors, hazardous waste marshaling areas on the loading dock, and other nonprogrammable space. Renovation -- The improvement, addition, or expansion of facilities by work performed to change the interior alignment of space or the physical characteristics of an existing facility so that it can be used more effectively, be adapted for new use, or comply with building-specific and building related regulatory codes and requirements.

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