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... 1 1.1 Purpose and Motivation This document is a guide for transportation practitioners on methods, procedures, and data sets needed to capture truck activity, vehicle characteristics, and operations to assist in estimating and forecasting criteria pollutants, air toxics, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from goods and services movement.
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... 2 Guide to Truck Activity Data for Emissions Modeling Although, in the past, truck-specific data often have been hard to come by, this is changing with the advent of emerging data sources -- such as mobile communications devices and on-board telematics. This guide explores a variety of emerging data sources and provides examples of how they can be used to improve truck data inputs to MOVES.
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... Introduction 3 (continued on next page) MOVES Input MOVES Input Table Description Reference Project-Scale Inputs Age distribution by vehicle class sourceTypeAgeDistribution Fraction of vehicle population by age (years)
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... 4 Guide to Truck Activity Data for Emissions Modeling Road type distribution roadTypeDistribution Fraction of VMT occurring by 5 road types, for 13 source types. Not covered -- see NCHRP Web-Only Document 210, Volumes 1 and 2 Ramp fractionb roadType Fraction of vehicle hours of travel occurring on freeway ramps (restricted-access roads)
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... Introduction 5 MOVES Input Sensitivitya Cost/Level of Effortb When Might Local Truck-Specific Data Collection Be Warranted Project-Scale Inputs Age distribution by vehicle class Moderate to Very High Moderate to High Local truck population that is likely to differ greatly in age versus state or national fleets (e.g., drayage fleets serving a port)
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... 6 Guide to Truck Activity Data for Emissions Modeling 1.3 Outline of Guide Section 2.0 of this guide presents an overview of potential data sources on truck activity and fleet characteristics, including sources that were used to develop case studies, and those that were investigated, but not used for various reasons. Sections 3.0 through 7.0 provide information on data sources and options by MOVES input.

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