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... 63 AADT Annual average daily traffic APU Auxiliary power unit ATR Automatic traffic recorder Caltrans California Department of Transportation CARB California Air Resources Board CMV Commercial motor vehicle CRC Coordinating Research Council DOT Department of Transportation ECU Engine control unit FAF Freight Analysis Framework FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards GHG Greenhouse gas GPS Global positioning system GVWR Gross vehicle weight rating HC Hydrocarbon HPMS Highway Performance Monitoring System IRP International Registration Plan ITS Intelligent transportation systems LOS Level of service LPR License plate recognition MAR Mileage accumulation rate MCMIS Motor Carrier Management Information System MOVES Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization NATSO National Association of Truck Stop Operators NEI National Emissions Inventory NHS National Highway System NOX Oxides of nitrogen NPMRDS National Performance Management Research Data Set NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory OBD On-board diagnostic OMD Operating mode distribution PIN Personal identification number PM Particulate matter PM2.5 Fine particulate matter (less than 2.5 microns) RPM Revolutions per minute SHP Source hours parked SIP State Implementation Plan Abbreviations
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... 64 Guide to Truck Activity Data for Emissions Modeling TMAS Traffic Management Analysis System TMC Traffic management center UC University of California VIUS Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey VHT Vehicle hours of travel VMT Vehicle miles of travel VOC Volatile organic compound VSP Vehicle-specific power

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