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Appendix C: Presentations at the Committee's Information-Gathering Meetings
Pages 55-59

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From page 55...
... , Bill Bates, project leader, SRNL, with Michael Stone, SRNL, and Thomas Brouns, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Perspective Regarding Congressional Interests about Cleanup at the Hanford Site, David Bearden, Congressional Research Service Perspective from Government Accountability Office's Reports on Treatment Options for Low Activity Waste at the Hanford Site, David Trimble and Nathan Anderson, U.S. Government Accountability Office Independent Assessment of Challenges Concerning Cleanup at the Hanford Site, Robert Alvarez, Senior Scholar, Institute for Policy Studies Public Comments John Greeves, independent consultant Suzanne Dahl, Washington State Department of Ecology Geoff Fettus, Natural Resources Defense Council Ian Pegg, Vitreous State Laboratory, The Catholic University of America PUBLIC MEETING #2: RICHLAND, WASHINGTON, FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 1, 2018 Invited Presentation Introductory Remarks on DOE-ORP, Jon Peschong, DOE-ORP Presentations by Washington River Protection System's Contractors Introduction, Jason Vitali Hanford Low-Activity Waste Historical Overview, Dave Swanberg System Plan 8 Baseline Case SLAW Sizing, Jeremy Belsher History of Supplemental LAW Treatment Reviews, Dave Swanberg 55
From page 56...
... Public Comments Paul Flaherty, CHC Consulting, LLC, who made an oral presentation and submitted a written comment on behalf of Knauf Insulation Vince Panesko, Retired from the Hanford Site Don Alexander, Retired from DOE Submitted Written Comments at the Public Meeting John Vienna, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory John Williford, Chrysalis Technology Group, Ltd. Tom Carpenter, Hanford Challenge Submitted Written Comments to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Darryl Siemer, a consulting scientist who is retired from the Idaho National Laboratory, submitted a number of comments via e-mail.
From page 57...
... Analysis Results, Sharon Robinson (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Summary, Bill Bates Stakeholder Presentation Alfrieda Peters, Yakama Nation Public Comment Mark Hall, Hanford Solutions and a former DOE employee Submitted Written Comment to the National Academies Tom Galioto, long-term Tri-Cities resident, a former Hanford employee, and a current member of the Environmental Management Site Specific Advisory Board (EM SSAB)
From page 58...
... PUBLIC MEETING #6: KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON, MAY 16, 2019 Invited Presentations Committee Member's Presentation Independent Assessment of Science and Technology for the Department of Energy's Defense Environmental Cleanup Program, John Plodinec, Vice Chair of the Committee on Independent Assessment of Science and Technology for the Department of Energy's Defense Environmental Cleanup Program Stakeholder Presentation FFRDC Draft Report, Suzanne Dahl, Section Manager of Tank Waste Treatment, Washington State Department of Ecology 58
From page 59...
... FFRDC Conclusions, Michael Stone (SRNL) Additional Discussion with the FFRDC Team Public Comment Allyn Boldt, e-mailed submitted comment that was read at the public meeting.

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