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Appendix D: Biographical Sketches of the Committee, Technical Adviser, and Study Director
Pages 60-65

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From page 60...
... Mr. Croff's technical accomplishments include creation of the ORIGEN2 computer code used worldwide to calculate the radioactive characteristics of nuclear materials for use in nuclear material and waste characterization, risk analyses, and nuclear fuel cycle analysis; developing and evaluating comprehensive, risk-based waste classification systems, including changing the boundary defining transuranic waste from 10 to 100 nCi/g; technical, economic, and systems analysis of current and advanced nuclear fuel/material cycles from uranium mining through waste disposal; and conceiving, analyzing, and reviewing actinide partitioning-transmutation (PT)
From page 61...
... Chu provides consulting services to domestic and international clients in nuclear waste management, nuclear fuel cycle analysis, nuclear security analysis, and research and development. Her entire career has been devoted to promoting safe nuclear energy and nuclear fuel cycles.
From page 62...
... His professional interests are in mineralogy and materials science, and his research has focused on radiation effects in complex ceramic materials and the longterm durability of radioactive waste forms. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Ceramic Society, The Geochemical Society, the Geological Society of America, the Mineralogical Society of America, and the Materials Research Society.
From page 63...
... He is a retired professor of materials, civil, and nuclear engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. His work includes environmental waste management programs such as remediation of mine lands by the use of industrial byproducts, focusing on large-volume usage of fly-ashbased cementitious grouts.
From page 64...
... Environmental Protection Agency; and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. He has chaired the National Academies' Board on Radioactive Waste Management, as well as National Academies committees on the Review of the Hanford Site's Environmental Remediation Science and Technology Plan; Models in the Regulatory Decision Process; Medical Isotope Production Without Highly Enriched Uranium; and Understanding and Managing Risk in Security Systems for the U.S.
From page 65...
... For his work on security of radioactive sources, he was awarded the Robert S Landauer Memorial Lecture Award from the Health Physics Society in 2003.

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