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Weather Warning: How Physics, Data, and Computers Combine to Make Better Prediction Possible
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... Unlike weather radars installed before about 1985, which only revealed a storm's location and intensity, Doppler radars reveal the speed and direction of the winds inside storms, leading the National Weather Service to equip all 159 of its stations with this technology by the mid-1990s. This helped give Van Wert 28 minutes' warning that November day in 2002.
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... "All three of these things have NHC Official Average Track Errors 500 Atlantic Basin Tropical Storms and Hurricanes to march forward in parallel," explains William B Gail, Chief Technology 1960-69 450 1970-79 1980-89 Officer at the Global Weather Corporation in Boulder, Colorado.
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... Each of the 20 model runs coalesces around a different forecast solution and the difference between simulating the them grows with time." A close horse race, in which a group of the model human brain or runs is closely packed, suggests forecasters can have high confidence in a forecast. If the model outcomes are spread far apart, the forecast has understanding the high uncertainty.
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... As forecasts become more accurate, they become useful for more than preventing disasters like the one that almost befell the moviegoers in Van Wert. Today, many weather forecasters work for private-sector companies ranging from major electric utilities, where they predict the availability of renewable energy resources like wind and solar, to food manufacturer Mars, A still of Doppler radar Inc., where they forecast cocoa production.

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