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5 Conclusion
Pages 33-34

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... The LHI criteria include that when viewed as a group, LHIs are "­ alanced between common, upstream root causes of health and well-­ b being and measures of high-priority health states" and are "understandable and will resonate with diverse stakeholders to drive action." The latter criterion calls for dissemination and communication, the importance of which is underscored by the fact many people may equate health with medical care and may be unfamiliar with the contributions to health and well-being of nonclinical factors such as education and social cohesion (Ortiz and Johannes, 2018; Robert and ­ ooske, 2011)
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... . The LHIs offer an opportunity to highlight the state of upstream social structural factors that drive social disparities in health and well-being, and show that racial health inequities impose a broader cost on society (LaVeist et al., 2011)

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