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Appendix E: Healthy People 2030 Framework
Pages 53-56

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From page 53...
... This report focused on reducing preventable death and injury. It included ambitious, quantifiable objectives to achieve national health promotion and disease prevention goals for the United States within a 10-year period (by 1990)
From page 54...
... Since the Healthy People initiative was first launched, the United States has made significant progress. Achievements include reducing m ­ ajor causes of death such as heart disease and cancer; reducing infant and maternal mortality; reducing risk factors like tobacco smoking, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol; and increasing childhood vaccinations.
From page 55...
... 4. Achieving health and well-being requires eliminating health dis parities, achieving health equity, and attaining health literacy.
From page 56...
... 8. Facilitate development and availability of affordable means of health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment.

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