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5 Enablers of Machine Learning Algorithms and Systems
Pages 19-22

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From page 19...
... whether modern AI has the right paradigm. First, Tsotsos explained that human vision and brain sciences have inspired computer vision since its inception; a deep understanding of human vision helps better target and constrain solutions.
From page 20...
... . Tsotsos clarified that these can be formalized, but the solution strategies focus on data-driven learning, rejecting the classic scientific method, and measuring success using statistical uncertainty measures.
From page 21...
... They used a state-of-the-art object detection method applied to an image of a living room from the Microsoft Common Objects in Context object detection benchmark. The image of an elephant placed in the room interfered with the network that represents the whole room and was thus not recognized unless it was to be moved slightly.
From page 22...
... The space of all problem instances can be partitioned into subspaces where each may be solvable by a different method. Given that the brain is a fixed processing resource, the need to employ a variety of different solution strategies in a situationdependent manner implies that those resources must be dynamically tunable to the current situation and that there exists an executive controller that orchestrates the process.

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