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Appendix E: Acronyms
Pages 69-70

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... E Acronyms 2D two dimensional 3D three dimensional ACE Aggregative Contingent Estimation AI artificial intelligence ARIMA AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average CAMEO conflict and mediation event observation CorEx Total Correlation Explanation DoD Department of Defense EVM extreme value machine GAN generative adversarial network GPU graphical processing unit IARPA Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity IC Intelligence Community ICSB Intelligence Community Studies Board IFP individual forecasting problem KWIVER Kitware Imagery and Video Exploitation and Retrieval LOTS layerwise origin-target synthesis NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ODNI Office of the Director of National Intelligence ROC receiver operating characteristic SAGE Synergistic Anticipation of Geopolitical Events VIAME Video and Imagery Analytics for the Marine Environment VQA visual question answering XAI explainable artificial intelligence 69

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