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Appendix C: Workshop Participants
Pages 109-110

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... Appendix C Workshop Participants1 Aditya Adiredja Leticia Garcilazo Green Joseph Agnich Ruanda Garth-McCullough Diaa Ahmed Amy Getz Janice Anderson Howard Gobstein Susan Bickerstaff Mark Green Angela Boatman Rebecca Hartzler Caroline Boules Mary Heiss Linda Braddy Robert Hershey Kerry Brenner John Hetts Christine Brongniart Michelle Hodara Pamela Burdman Guy Johnson Leticia Bustillos Karen Keene Linda Casola Amy Kerwin Ted Coe Jeanette Kim Jessica Covington Karon Klipple Tristan Denley Steven Leinwand James Dorsey Bernard Mair Nikki Edgecombe Monette McIver Rebecca Fitch Tatiana Melguizo 1This list reflects the names of in-person participants only. The workshop also included a number of participants who attended by webcast.
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... 110 INCREASING STUDENT SUCCESS IN DEVELOPMENTAL MATHEMATICS Vilma Mesa Lauren Schudde Nyema Mitchell Heidi Schweingruber Cammie Newmyer April Strom Toby Park-Gaghan Tiffany Taylor Michael Pearson Philip Uri Treisman Julie Phelps Paula Wilhite Rahim Rajan Charles Zachry Maxine Roberts Sherry Zachry Joanna Sanchez Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow

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