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Appendix E: Biosketches of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 175-180

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From page 175...
... at the National Academies, providing research support for the Committee on Applying Lessons of Optimal Adolescent Health to Improve Behavioral Outcomes for Youth through August 2019. Prior to joining the National Academies, he provided technical assistance and research support on issues pertaining to equity, education, and youth development.
From page 176...
... PAMELLA ATAYI is a program coordinator on BCYF, providing logistical and administrative support for the Committee on Applying Lessons of Optimal Adolescent Health to Improve Behavioral Outcomes for Youth. She coordinates and oversees the work of support staff handling clerical, administrative, and logistical aspects of meetings.
From page 177...
... Dr. Corona's community-engaged research has progressed from an initial focus on identifying local health disparities and the associated risk and protective factors to the development, implementation, and evaluation of family-based prevention programs to address these disparities.
From page 178...
... Her academic efforts, community work, policy development, and research have focused on adolescent ­ health, resiliency and risk behaviors, mental health and suicide prevention, health promotion and disease prevention, injury prevention, reducing health disparities, increasing immunizations, improving health care access, community-based participatory and engaged research, practice-based research, sexual and reproductive health, and pregnancy prevention.
From page 179...
... Before joining the National Academies, Dr. Kahn worked as a social research specialist with the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she collaborated on research projects focused on postsecondary educational attainment, adolescent sexuality, and childhood and adolescent precursors of adult chronic disease.
From page 180...
... Dr. McBride Murry is a nationally recognized expert in examining ways in which racism affects the processes, behaviors, and health outcomes of families, and has conducted developmental, prospective studies on African American parents and youth for more than 15 years to identify proximal, malleable protective factors that deter youth risk engagement.

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