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... Low Dose Radiation Research Program funded experimental research on cellular and molecular responses to low dose radiation but was terminated in 2016 after ramping down funding over several years. Since then, Congress attempted to re-establish a low dose radiation research program in the United States but negotiations within the government have not yet resulted in its establishment.
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... A future low dose radiation research program in the United States has been almost exclusively thought to follow the same model as the previous DOE managed low dose radiation research program. However, a number of alternative models were described at the symposium, such as a multi-agency-managed program, a government-managed program overseen by an independent scientific organization, a government– private sector partnership, and an internationally coordinated program.
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... Many symposium participants recognized that long-term financial commitment is an important element for the success of a low dose radiation research program. Some noted that the ability to show to the sponsoring agencies that the program's goals are met and that the program has mechanisms in place (e.g., strategic plan, oversight, and independent reviews)

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