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Appendix A: Agenda
Pages 89-94

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... John Neumann, Government Accountability Office Global Low Dose Research Coordination (20') Ted Lazo, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development/Nuclear Energy Agency 10:00 AM Question and Discussion on Plenary Session 89
From page 90...
... All other participants can purchase lunch at lower level refectory. 1:45 PM Panel Group A: Government Agency Perspectives Moderated by Jim Brink, Harvard Medical School • Isaf Al-Nabulsi, Department of Energy • Mike Boyd, Environmental Protection Agency • Armin Ansari, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention • John Gilstad, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
From page 91...
... 4:30 PM Panel Discussion for Session 2, Part B 5:00 PM Closing Remarks for Day 1 Adjourn Day 1 DAY 2: MAY 9, 2019 8:30 AM Call to Order and Welcome (5') Joe Gray, Oregon Health & Science University
From page 92...
... Amy Berrington de González, National Cancer Institute 10:05 AM Questions and Discussion for Session 3, Part A 10:30 AM BREAK Coffee available at East Court 10:50 AM Part B: Contributions from Radiation Biology Moderated by David Richardson, University of North Carolina Low Dose and Low Dose Rate Responses in Animals (15') Gayle Woloschak, Northwestern University Molecular Injury Responses Triggered by Low Dose Radiation and Implications for Long-Term Effects in Normal Tissues (15')
From page 93...
... Francis Cucinotta, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Microbiome (15') Eleanor Blakely, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 3:35 PM Questions and Discussion for Session 4 4:00 PM SESSION 5: Models for Coordinated Research Moderated by Joe Gray, Oregon Health & Science University Lessons Learned from Coordinated Research on the Health Effects of Air Pollution (20')
From page 94...
... 94 THE FUTURE OF LOW DOSE RADIATION RESEARCH 4:50 PM Discussion on Session 5 and Relevance to Future Low Dose Radiation Research Program 5:25 PM Closing Remarks Joe Gray, Oregon Health & Science University 5:30 PM Adjourn

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