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Appendix A: List of Interventions Across Levels
Pages 197-204

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From page 198...
... from workshop attendees, intentions to use equitable strategies during search Changing STEM classroom Individual level Recruitment Reported interest in computer Yes – Computer science (Cheryan et al., 2009; environments (changing students' Cheryan et al., 2011b) individual level beliefs about computer science Description of STEM male or Individual level Recruitment Reported interest in working Yes – Across STEM majors (Fuesting and female potential mentor (using (interest in working with STEM mentor Diekman, 2017)
From page 199...
... program emphasis that men and (reported interest) program generally, and female women work hard for success in STEM graduate students the program Teaching female students that Individual level Recruitment Higher career motivations in No – Female middle school (Blackwell et al., intelligence is malleable and can (career motivation, math, higher grades in math students 2007; Good et al., improve grades in Math)
From page 200...
... beliefs Bias literacy workshop Individual level Advancement Women-leadership IAT Yes – Medicine faculty (Girod et al., 2016) beliefs Bias literacy training Relational/groups Recruitment Reported valuing of diversity Yes – STEM instructors (Moss-Racusin et al., (incorporated into week long levels (STEM in STEM classes across fields 2016)
From page 201...
... taking an engineering class Peer Led Team Learning in Relationship/groups Recruitment/ Entering and persisting in Yes – female students in (Horwitz et al., 2009) introductory to computer science level (structuring retention computer science major, computer science courses STEM classes)
From page 202...
... hiring STEMM departments by 18% medicine, science, and engineering Bias literacy workshop (faculty Organizational level Recruitment Positive attitudes toward No – Faculty across all (Sekaquaptewa et al., recruitment workshop; FRW) norms equitable search strategies departments 2019)
From page 203...
... conversations and lower social identity threat Project TRACS dedicated grant Organizational level Retention Increased autonomy, Yes – STEM and non- (Smith et al., 2018) support staff, family advocate, (climate)

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