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... 77 6 Summary Assessment and Advice At the request of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) , the study committee reviewed the state of the National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering (NNR-NE)
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... 78 TOWARD NEW NAVAL PLATFORMS responsibility to transition and adapt S&T innovations across a wide spectrum for use in the NE enterprise. Additionally, the framework is seen as a way to inform choices about when resources should be devoted to monitoring S&T developments within and outside the Navy (e.g., in DOD generally and in the commercial sectors of the United States and abroad)
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... SUMMARY ASSESSMENT AND ADVICE 79 TABLE 6-1 Example Application of the "Lead, Leverage, and Monitor" Framework Within and Across the Three Pillars of the NNR-NE Lead Leverage Monitor Research and Development • Platform hydrodynamics • Platform structures and materials • Platform propulsion • Platform power • Platform systems design • Platform control and maneuverability • Platform innovations integration and affordability • Autonomy and robotics • Data science and artificial intelligence • Advanced sensors • Cybersecurity • Communications • Power systems and power electronics • Advanced materials and manufacturing • Multidisciplinary design optimization • Human–machine interface • Quantum science and computing • Alternative energy resources • Undersea resource utilization and extraction • Nanotechnology • Biomaterials • Synthetic biology • Cognitive science • Climate change Workforce • Inspire naval engineering education and attraction of talent • Sponsor naval engineering experiential learning and training via university grants that include undergraduate and graduate students • Sponsor K–12 programs and other outreach programs relevant to naval engineering (NE) • Sponsor student internships at relevant Navy and U.S.
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... 80 TOWARD NEW NAVAL PLATFORMS same basic framework can be used strategically for making choices both within and across the NNR-NE portfolio, as exemplified in Table 6-2. The committee therefore recommends that ONR should adopt a "lead, leverage, and monitor" framework for the strategic programming, prioritization, and integration of NNR-NE investments both within and across the R&D, workforce, and infrastructure pillars (Recommendation 6-1)
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... SUMMARY ASSESSMENT AND ADVICE 81 by leading metrics, such as the number of undergraduate students choosing majors in NE and related disciplines, to provide an earlier indication of program successes, opportunities, and challenges. Additional metrics could assist in the evaluation of the NNR-NE portfolio: • Research Potential: The number of graduate students (Ph.D., master's)

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