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Pages 37-39

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From page 37...
... Launched in July 2015, the NIST 5G mmWave Channel Model Alliance helps accelerate the development and use of measurements and models for next-generation communications technologies. By bringing together researchers from multiple stakeholder groups, including communications technology companies, wireless service providers, academia, and government, CTL has developed consensus technical findings that benefit standards and best practices for 5G deployment.
From page 38...
... The CTL has been using the NIST Professional Research Experience Program to attract staff. Recommendation: CTL should further develop opportunities to quickly and frequently engage outside stakeholders and obtain frequent outside technical reviews as it moves its research plan forward.
From page 39...
... The CTL has taken an active role in engaging with agencies on a variety of research engagements, leading advisory roles across federal agencies, standards development organizations, as well as industry consortium. These organizations include the NSF Millimeter-Wave Research Coordination Network Steering Committee, the NIST 5G mmWave Channel Model Alliance, the Telecom Infra Project, and other efforts.

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