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2 Overview of CTL
Pages 8-10

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... Group plans filter up to Divisions for coordination and approval, while the Division and CTL leadership set strategic direction and long-term planning based on NIST priority areas. The present report identifies opportunities in specific program areas where performing strategic planning exercises and road mapping would improve stakeholder engagement.
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... Department of Commerce, Boulder, Colo. FIGURE 2.2 Allocation of Communications Technology Laboratory funds across its four priorities.
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... Priority Areas Addressed by Each Organizational Unit CTL Priority Areas Public Safety Trusted Spectrum Next Generation Fundamental Metrology Communications Testing Wireless for Communications PSCR X WN X X X RFT X X X NASCTN X NOTE: PSCR = Public Safety Communication Research Division; WN = Wireless Networks Division; RFT = Radio Frequency Technology Division; NASCTN = National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network.

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