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Appendix C: Reprise of Past National Academies Reports on AMO Science
Pages 282-287

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From page 282...
... To emphasize the historical nature of the issues discussed in this report, the committee also comments on the National Academies report Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (1986)
From page 283...
... This is the core part of the AMO field, and researchers have seen revolutionary developments in capabilities of controlling individual particles. In fact, the community has moved beyond the point of single particle control and is now entering a new stage where these individually controlled particles are brought together to realize new experimental platforms for quantum information science, a field that is largely born out of AMO science in the mid-1990s.
From page 284...
... to delineate the connection between AMO discoveries and technological applications throughout society and (2) to highlight recent advances that will play an important role in shap ing the landscape of scientific discovery and technological invention." This update was not tasked to produce additional findings, conclusions, or recommendations and was mainly a brochure; however, one key scientific highlight worth mentioning following its 1995 discovery was the Bose-Einstein condensate.
From page 285...
... It should continue to attract foreign students to study physical sciences and strongly encourage them to pursue their scientific careers in the United States." The other key recommendations in the report may have been addressed, but to what extent is unclear: • "In view of the critical importance of the physical sciences to national economic strength, health care, defense, and domestic security, the federal government should embark on a substantially increased investment pro gram to improve education in the physical sciences and mathematics at all levels and to strengthen significantly the research effort." • "AMO science will continue to make exceptional contributions to many areas of science and technology. The federal government should therefore support programs in AMO science across disciplinary boundaries and through a multiplicity of agencies." • "Basic research is a vital component of the nation's defense strategy.
From page 286...
... ensure a leadership role for the United States in these areas. Several field-specific recommendations are made in the report that are outside the scope of the present report; however, the first key recommendation is relevant: • The committee recommends that the federal government develop an in tegrated initiative in photonics (similar in many respects to the National Nanotechnology Initiative)
From page 287...
... The report identified promising research opportunities in AMO physics and made general recommendations in addition to many subfieldspecific comments. Of particular note, the committee made overarching recommendations that connect with this report, including the following: • Continued base support for experimental and theoretical research; • Invitations for proposals from agencies to address the lack of theorists, possibly by creating centers, workshops, or summer schools where students and active theorists could come together for varying periods of time.

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