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... 6 The last quarter of 2018 APTA Ridership Report shows a concerning trend in transit ridership continues. Overall, unlinked passenger trips are down 2.0% from the previous year with light rail down as much as 3.0%.
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... Background 7 recent trends, and what is being done to combat them. Appendix A summarizes the 66 sources reviewed.
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... 8 Analysis of Recent Public Transit Ridership Trends • However, in the past few years, many transit agencies have increased service without associated ridership increases. Contrary to historic trends, transit agencies have not seen the ridership gains from service improvements that they had seen prior to 2008.
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... Background 9 • There is also evidence that TNCs complement transit, particularly for rail systems. TNCs have the potential to serve as last-mile connections to rail and bus rapid transit (BRT)

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