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... 88 A P P E N D I X B Data Limitations Throughout our analysis, there were several significant potential ridership factors we were interested in studying but were unable to draw conclusions about due to lack of quality data. These factors appeared either in the literature as factors significantly correlated with transit ridership or in articles surrounding pilot projects with promising initial results.
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... Data Limitations 89 Another issue with transit way mileage data involves its general accuracy. Despite frequent campaigns to introduce bus lanes and segregate transit vehicles from other traffic, NTD data shows about as many transit agencies decreasing their dedicated ROW as increasing it.
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... 90 Analysis of Recent Public Transit Ridership Trends Mode Change A byproduct of the multitude of transit modes currently in service across the U.S. is their often complex categorization.
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... Data Limitations 91 have operational transit service. However, the self-reported nature of NTD's service area left the data particularly unusable.

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