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... 3 1.1 Background Airports are continually looking for ways to provide an optimal experience to all air travelers. A crucial ingredient to seamless air travel experience is access to relevant, precise, and timely information.
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... 4 Communication Strategies for Airport Passenger Access and Mobility stress are increased when travelers are not presented with information in a way that they can easily access or understand throughout the air travel journey. Information about and at each touch point can facilitate travelers' decision making, and being informed can reduce travelers' stress and anxiety, especially when service is disrupted by flight changes.
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... Introduction 5 This population trend is driven by the aging of the baby boomers, and the baby boomers are also reported to be more affluent, better educated, more adventurous, and "younger" feeling than previous generations (Patterson et al.
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... 6 Communication Strategies for Airport Passenger Access and Mobility 1.2.2 Travelers with Cognitive and Sensory Disabilities Although people who are 65 and older are more likely to have a severe disability than those in other age groups, they make up fewer than half of all Americans with disabilities. Disabilities are common in the U.S.
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... Introduction 7 The group of travelers with cognitive disabilities includes people with learning and develop­ mental disabilities, people with ASD, people with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, and people with short­term memory loss. In the airport setting, they may have problems with self­direction and difficulty communicating or demonstrate challenging behavior (Sharpe and Henderson­ Guenther 2013)

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