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... 61 Our review of the literature and interviews with representatives of the stakeholder groups have revealed that airports are proactively researching, testing, and developing innovative services and programs to address the challenges begotten by the increasing demand for air travel and the ever-evolving needs of air travelers. This chapter summarizes key strategies suggested by stakeholder representatives for serving customers with accessibility needs, and discusses future directions for airports to consider in providing access and mobility for all passengers.
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... 62 Communication Strategies for Airport Passenger Access and Mobility 5.1.4 Listen to Customers Interviewees concurred about the importance of customer voices. Customer feedback, whether in the form of advice or complaints, is one of the most effective tools for airports to identify challenges, direct innovation, and implement new programs.
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... Keys to Success and Future Directions 63 Systematic program evaluation can help airports gain insights on how certain services, programs, or amenities may work at different airports. For example, different facilities reported varying levels of success with visual paging.

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