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... 16 Transit Transit planning and operational decision-making are often conducted separately from other surface transportation processes and may have unique needs, challenges, and opportunities for incorporating health considerations. Public transit is key to providing access to medical services, schools, work sites, grocery stores, and other community services, as well as reducing transportation-related inequities and providing more opportunities for aging in place for older adults that cannot or choose not to drive.
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... Specific Topics and Emerging Issues 17 b. Need: Syntheses or assessments of the role of new technologies in framing mode choices around health benefits of increased transit access/use.
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... 18 A Research Roadmap for Transportation and Public Health c. Need: Exploration of the root causes of health inequities within and external to transportation systems.
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... Specific Topics and Emerging Issues 19 b. Need: Analysis of public health impacts of policies and actions designed to regulate or test new technologies or forms of transportation.

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