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Appendix B: Committee and Staff Biographical Information
Pages 64-68

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From page 64...
... patents and three FAI world speed records. He has authored numerous technical papers for the American Helicopter Society, the Royal Aeronautical Society, and SAE International, has written articles for magazines such as Rotor and Wing and Interavia, and has a regular column in HeliOps Magazine.
From page 65...
... Carty is responsible for developing and maturing key enabling technologies and transitioning them to address critical customer needs. ADP's Enterprise Technology Roadmaps organization includes Air Vehicles, Mission Systems, Survivability, and Revolutionary Technologies and Emerging Concepts portfolios focused on providing enabling technology in support of both current and future programs.
From page 66...
... Program Management Committee and the Plenary leadership group for the Industry-FAA Equip 2020 initiative related to ADS-B out equipage. He is co-chair of RTCA Special Committee-159 (Navigation Equipment Using the Global Navigation Satellite System)
From page 67...
... Mr. McDuffee is an active pilot and aircraft owner holding Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor Certificates, with jet-type ratings, has logged more than 9,000 flight hours, and holds both a B.S.
From page 68...
... He is the author of Lightning Rod: A History of the Air Force Chief Scientist and editor of several books, including a history of the CORONA reconnaissance satellite program. He has held Guggenheim and Verville fellowships at the National Air and Space Museum and was an associate editor of the German spaceflight magazine Raumfahrt Concrete, in addition to writing for such publications as Novosti Kosmonavtiki (Russia)

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