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3 Details of the Top-Down Procedure
Pages 27-30

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... In the process of selecting the first set of candidate LHIs for consideration, the top-down procedure employed a staff-developed, web-based polling form (developed using a web-based platform) , which each member independently completed to ensure an efficient process and to avoid members influencing each other's thinking at an early stage.
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... does the measure map to? o Health and Well-Being Across the Lifespan: physical, mental, social dimensions of health; access to quality public health and clinical care systems (the committee separated the latter into four sub-level concepts: access to public health system, quality of public health system, access to health care, quality of health care)
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... Thus, the working assumption was that most candidates would meet the criteria. However, related considerations (e.g., "Does this LHI meet the ‘public health burden' criterion?

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