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... 32 The overall objective of this synthesis is to provide information about the existing tools for identifying common hazards currently found on airports and the processes used for mea­ suring, monitoring, and prioritizing the associated risks at those airports. The report con­ cludes by presenting a summary of the overall conclusions identified throughout this report and presents current gaps and needs identified through the synthesis to help focus further research efforts.
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... Conclusions and Suggestions for Further Research 33 Conversely, survey results indicated several potential areas for improvement. Specifically, • A lack of processes regarding specific expectations and procedures for risk identification, • Not having prompts or reminders in place that require application of risk management tools or processes, and • Not having processes regarding how an organization evaluates residual risk.
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... 34 Airport Risk Identification and Prioritization Practices airport has only one $20,000 vehicle and it stops operations; therefore, it represents higher risk because of its effect on the organization's strategic or business goals. Each airport needs tools and processes tailored for its operations.

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