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... 38 A P P E N D I X A Survey Questionnaire Demographic Variables Name Item Name Your Name [text box] Title Your Title [text box]
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... Survey Questionnaire 39 Q2.0 Does your organization have prompts or reminders in place that require application of risk management tools or processes?
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... 40 Airport Risk Identification and Prioritization Practices Question 7 Does your organization have a structured process for managing the following risks? 5 (Never)
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... Survey Questionnaire 41 Q7.6 … Environmental (0)
From page 42...
... 42 Airport Risk Identification and Prioritization Practices NOTE For Question 7 Raw "Likert" Responses… 5 (Never) to 1 (Always)
From page 43...
... Survey Questionnaire 43 Q12.0 Does your organization require a process that includes maintaining records of your risk management outcomes for as long as the control(s) remains relevant to the operation?

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