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... Further climate change is inevitable; if emissions of greenhouse gases continue unabated, future changes will substantially exceed those that have occurred so far. There remains a range of estimates of the magnitude and regional expression of future change, but increases in the extremes of climate that can adversely affect natural ecosystems and human activities and infrastructure are expected.
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... , Department of ■ Jerry Meehl, Senior Scientist, National Center Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University for Atmospheric Research ■ Alec Broers FRS, Former President of the Royal ■ John Pendry FRS, Imperial College London Academy of Engineering ■ John Pyle FRS, Department of Chemistry, ■ Harry Elderfield FRS, Department of Earth University of Cambridge Sciences, University of Cambridge ■ Gavin Schmidt, NASA Goddard Space Flight ■ Joanna Haigh FRS, Professor of Atmospheric Center   Physics, Imperial College London ■ Emily Shuckburgh, British Antarctic Survey ■ Isaac Held (NAS) , NOAA Geophysical Fluid ■ Gabrielle Walker, Journalist Dynamics Laboratory ■ Andrew Watson FRS, University of East Anglia ■ John Kutzbach (NAS)
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... The National Research Council, the operating arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, has issued numerous reports on the causes of and potential responses to climate change. Climate change resources from the National Research Council are available at

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