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... 43 Conclusions and Further Research Many agencies across the United States are engaging in multimodal payment convergence as ever more electronic fare payment systems and new transit offerings from private operators emerge. Trends from the retail payments industry are slowly crossing over to the fare payments arena, and new mobility offerings of private companies are creating opportunities for transit agencies.
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... 44 Multimodal Fare Payment Integration agencies interviewed in the United States, two of four are transitioning from their legacy card-based system to an account-based system and one just completed implementation of its card-based system. Lessons learned from the experiences of these agencies include the following (read more about each agency in Chapter 4)
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... Conclusions and Further Research 45 The synthesis team suggests additional research or guidelines on the following: • Account-based ticketing systems, and the role of emerging technologies as transit agencies identify the full roster of tasks and roles in these systems and select the most appropriate roles to play • Policies for handling personally identifiable information while maintaining privacy, and cybersecurity considerations in increasingly integrated transit systems • Appropriate data sharing standards that help increase interoperability • Customer surveys evaluating benefits of payment convergence and the performance of ongoing projects • The evolution of public–private partnership models to deliver multimodal payment convergence

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