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... 5 Overview of Multimodal Payment Convergence 1.1 Background and Synthesis Objectives Multimodal payment convergence is the ability to use the same payment media or technology to pay for services on multiple modes of transportation -- which provides a more seamless and convenient experience for users. A nationwide trend toward multimodal payment convergence has emerged in large part because of technological change and the addition of new services: • As technology evolves and new payment solutions are introduced, transit agencies are looking for ways to adapt and find the most effective means to upgrade fare systems and introduce new capabilities.
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... 6 Multimodal Fare Payment Integration • Initiatives that enable multimodal payment convergence such as application programming interface integration, • Transit systems' methods for building consensus around payment integration after identification of outside parties, • Provision of cross-program incentives across identified groups such as seniors, students, and customers with disabilities, • Transit agencies' handling of issues of equity and accessibility when multimodal payment integration tends to focus on noncash solutions, • Approaches to data management policies, and • Future trends in fare payment collection. The intended audience of this synthesis report is policy makers, managers of transit agency fare collections systems, and transit service providers who want to achieve multimodal payment convergence with transit agencies.
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... Overview of Multimodal Payment Convergence 7 example that illustrates a different approach to payment convergence. The City of Antwerp's experience implementing Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

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