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5 A Decadal Vision for Earth Sciences
Pages 107-108

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From page 107...
... For exam- ties, and higher representation across the full spectrum ple, one can consider the impact of remote imaging on of personal, cultural, and socioeconomic statuses and earthquake and volcano science or landscape evolution, identities that make up our vibrant society. With subthe consequences of deeper understanding of the prop- stantive inclusion in academia, Earth scientists will be erties of Earth materials, and new perspectives on the able to more deeply engage with affected communities complex interactions of terrestrial, hydrologic, biologi- to solve issues of critical societal importance, such as cal, and atmospheric systems.
From page 108...
... These science an influential role of Earth scientists will be successquestions are pertinent to the persistence of life and ful if there is increased development of and access to recognize humans as geologic agents, and thus require cutting-edge analytical, computational, and other facila multidisciplinary approach. ities, leading to scientific breakthroughs that will trans The committee envisions a future in which form our understanding of geological processes from EAR-supported research leads to routine, accurate nano-scale to global scale and from deep time to the forecasting of formerly unpredictable, devastating nat- present, with profound implications for the future of ural hazard events on time scales that permit mitigation life on the Earth.

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