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Appendix B: Speakers from the Committee Meetings & Webinars
Pages 291-294

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... Pablo Suarez, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Janos Pasztor, Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative Kelly Wanser, SilverLining Kyle Whyte, Michigan State University WEBINAR 1: JULY 22, 2019 Melanie Nakagawa, Princeville Capital Pete Ogden, United Nations Foundation Franz Xaver Perrez, Switzerland's Federal Office and University of Bern School of Law Nigel Purvis, Climate Advisers RESEARCH WORKSHOP AND MEETING 2: BOULDER, CO; AUGUST 7–9, 2019 Waleed Abdalati, University of Colorado, Boulder Rob Bellamy, University of Manchester Colin Carlson, Georgetown University David Fahey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Earth System Research Laboratories Jane Flegal, Arizona State University 291
From page 292...
... Fish and Wildlife Service Alta Charo, University of Wisconsin, School of Law Drew Endy, Stanford University Stephen Gardiner, University of Washington Gary Gardner, GreenFaith Tracy Hester, University of Houston Law Center Joshua Horton, Harvard University Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard Kennedy School, Sikina Jinnah, University of California, Santa Cruz Deneb Karentz, University of San Francisco Robert Lempert, RAND Corporation Lisa Levin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Andy Parker, Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative Ted Parson, University of California, Los Angeles School of Law Jonathan Pershing, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Nick Pidgeon, Cardiff University 292
From page 293...
... Appendix B Steve Rayner, University of Oxford Stuart Russell, University of California, Berkeley David Santillo, Greenpeace International Alex Wellerstein, Stevens Institute of Technology WEBINAR 2: SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 Daniel Harrison, Australia Marine Cloud Brightening for the Great Barrier Reef Jan McDonald, Australian Forum for Climate Intervention Governance Jeffrey McGee, Australian Forum for Climate Intervention Governance WEBINAR 3: SEPTEMBER 27, 2019 John Moore, Beijing Normal University, College of Global Change and Earth System Science WEBINAR 4: DECEMBER 16, 2019 Paula Caballero, Lands for Life Program, Rare Arunabha Ghosh, Council on Energy, Environment and Water Youba Sokona, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 293

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